Hybrid Fly Line
Hybrid Fly Line
Hybrid Fly Line
Hybrid Fly Line
Hybrid Fly Line

Hybrid Fly Line

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It is what you want it to be – Full line for all styles.

Hybrid fly line is what you want it to be. With hybrid lines you can build a line setup that suits your rod perfectly by combining the hybrid belly and hybrid tip.

Hybrid line is a shooting head with an integrated running line. Hybrid tips are sold separately. We are giving you the option to choose what you want from this line, that’s why we designed the Hybrid lines.

How does it work? 1) Choose your style: scandi, skagit, switch or single handed, 2) Select the proper weight of the belly for your selected style from our Recommendation Chart, 3) Choose the tip in the length you desire (we’ve made the recommendations to this as well but feel free to combine whatever you like. Our ACE T-tips works nicely also with Hybrid lines).

Our WF recommendation is a bit heavier than the AFTM standard. This recommendation works for when Hybrid lines are used as a normal weight forward line on single handed rods.

Model: Float 7g/95gr
Head Weight
7g / 110gr
Head Length
3,2m / 11ft
Total Length
25m / 82ft
Sink Rate
Braided low stretch
Blue / Red
Both ends
Phthalate Free
Item #
Head WeightHead LengthTotal LengthDensitySink RateColorItem #
7g / 110gr3,2m / 11ft25m / 82ftFloatingFloatingBlue / RedVHY7F
10g / 150gr4,2m / 16ft25m / 82ftFloatingFloatingBlue / RedVHY10F
13g / 200gr5,2m / 17ft27m / 89ftFloatingFloatingBlue / RedVHY13F
16g / 250gr5,5m / 18ft27m / 89ftFloatingFloatingBlue / RedVHY16F
19g / 290gr5,8m / 19ft27m / 89ftFloatingFloatingBlue / RedVHY19F
23g / 350gr6,1m / 20ft27m / 89ftFloatingFloatingBlue / RedVHY23F
27g / 420gr6,4m / 21ft30m / 98ftFloatingFloatingBlue / RedVHY27F
31g / 480gr6,7m / 22ft30m / 98ftFloatingFloatingBlue / RedVHY31F
35g / 540gr7,1m / 23ft30m / 98ftFloatingFloatingBlue / RedVHY35F
39g / 600gr7,4m / 24ft30m / 98ftFloatingFloatingBlue / RedVHY39F
43g / 660gr7,7m / 25ft30m / 98ftFloatingFloatingBlue / RedVHY43F
47g / 720gr8,0m / 26ft30m / 98ftFloatingFloatingBlue / RedVHY47F
Head WeightHead LengthTotal LengthDensitySink RateColorItem #

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