Story of Vision Fly Fishing

From small town of Kellokoski Finland to worldwide Cult

We born in 1997 but the story of Vision Fly Fishing really started in early 80’s when we started to import fishing tackle in Finland. We worked with many famous companies like Shakespeare, Bruce & Walker, Scott, G-Loomis, Partridge of Redditch and Scientific Anglers during the 1980-1990’s. We were really eager anglers working with a big heart and great passion for fly fishing. So naturally we had plenty of our own visions and thoughts how things could be done in Europe gear and tackle wise.

In 1997 we shy Finns had mustered up courage and started doing things our own way. That was the day when our story started. Since 1997 we have pushed further in our own way. We have asked people to #JoinTheCult with us and after 25 years we feel that there was always a need and demand for one Kellokoski based passion project.

Since 1997 I Story of Vision Fly Fishing

We wanted to bring some colour into the sport of fly fishing

Our Thinking

Fly fishing has had deep and valuable traditions as a sport and a culture. But growing as a fly fishing brand in 21st century world we always felt a real need to bring some modern and fresh, even some crazy insights into the community. Many of us have been connected in different kind of lifestyle cultures like snowboarding and skateboarding and we really feel that fly fishing is very similar passion-based culture. So we’ve always wanted to bring the inspiration and styles from other cultures and make this wonderful sport available for as many as possible.

We have not been the most classical one out there. But we have always walked our own path.

In the end of the day for us growing the cult is all about having the fun.