Save The Natives

We Aim To

Let’s be totally honest: we anglers live in a contradictory world. We share a great passion for fishing but at the same time we tend to care about the fish stocks and the habitat for fish. The same analogy applies to manufacturing fly fishing tackle. In designing and manufacturing fly fishing tackle we are not protecting our world. The only thing we can do in this situation is to manufacture our products responsibly and share the story of these waters and anglers. And last but not least support the restoration programs that revive fish stocks and habitats to the shape they should be. And that’s where the Save The Natives comes from.

We also have to understand that many of these waters need to be fished less. Therefore there is great reason to explore new relatively unfished species like perch and pike in order to relieve some of the pressure on the natural environment.

Because many times the biggest catch in this great sport is achieved by less catching and more watching.

Our Save The Natives Promise Is

We believe in acts over talk. So the Save The Natives donations comes from transparent and simple formula:

We donate 1% of the annual profit of Vision Group Oy.


We donate 50% of the profit that comes from Save The Natives products.

Our Save The Natives Acts

Virtavesien Hoitoyhdistys / River Vantaa restoration program for migrating seatrout and salmon

River Vantaa flows in to the Baltic sea in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. River Vantaa is a large 1686 km2 watershed that runs through 14 municipality. The main riverbed is around 100km long and River Vantaa has been well known for its seatrout stocks. Happily we can say today that River Vantaa is producing again rapidly growing stocks of seatrout despite there’s great amount of political and volunteering work still ahead.

Virtavesien Hoitoyhdistys has done remarkable job together with volunteers and several authorities. In few decades the work has expanded migrating fish spawning grounds from 17km up from the sea to 95km in to the very upper parts of the river. The infamous cesspool has restored to be the pride and pivotal part of local communities along the river system.

We at Vision have supported work of Virho constantly during many years. The support has been financial and supplying wading gear for the volunteers.

Our Save The Natives Acts

Finnish Federation forRecreational Fishing (FFRF) / Pike Factories program (Haukitehtaat)

We have always been the number one brand of predator fly fishing in the Europe. These super valuable predator species like pike were undervalued for decades in fly fishing scene. At the same time people easily take predator species for granted and the focus of fish stock talk is only on migrating species.

But the fact is that the pike stocks need urgent actions as well. The amount of suitable spawning grounds has reduced due to human actions. Pike has a crucial role to balance the natural structure of ecosystem and species. Three major threats and problems for pike are: 1) eutrophication, 2) changes in species ecosystem and 3) built environment by humans.

FFRF is running program ‘Pike Factories’ (Haukitehtaat) where spawning areas are restored for pike in lakes and sea area.

Haukitehdas in Action

  • Kaurissalo before

  • Kaurissalo during

  • Kaurissalo after

  • Kristiinankaupunki before

  • Kristiinankaupunki during

  • Kristiinankaupunki after