XO Graphene Double Hand Fly Rod
XO Graphene Double Hand Fly Rod
XO Graphene Double Hand Fly Rod
XO Graphene Double Hand Fly Rod
XO Graphene Double Hand Fly Rod

XO Graphene Double Hand Fly Rod

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The Future is Here – Stronger, Lighter, Better. Look no further, the next level of XO Graphene fly rods marks Par Excellence of fly fishing. Every XO Graphene rod is made from graphene – the strongest tested material in the world.

XO Graphene Double Hand series is the successor to the multiple test winner of older XO DH series. Graphene made possible to bring a new generation of XO rods and with several years of prototype testing we were ready to launch of XO Graphene DH rods. It is the most premium DH series that you can buy with your money. It has smooth medium fast action that enables anglers to use a wide variety of techniques and fly lines.

XO DH Graphene collection is hand picked and well thought selection of finest double handers with varying lengths.

These rods incorporate everything we have learned during 25+ years of rod design and manufacturing.

Warning: Once you fish with the XO DH Graphene, you might get seriously hooked.

Model: 11'3" #7
Medium Fast
Weight (g)
154 g
Recommended Head Weight
23-30g / Skagit 460gr
Double hand
Handle Material
AAAA Portugese Cork
Reel Seat
Novel Double Nut Downlocking
REC Cerecoil Nickel Titanium Stripping and REC Nickel Titanium Alloy Snake
Unsanded Grey
Tube Length (cm)
94 cm
Item #

XO Graphene Double Hand Fly Rod

The story of XO rods started with a desire to create the very high-end rod series with all the best materials available and highest know-how of the industry. Since that Vision has served the customers with the most premium range rods that are nowadays XO Graphene, Merisuola Graphene and Merisuola Predator series.

Graphene enabled us to create next level of XO rods. It was not easy ride with prototype testing and in the end testing period was three years. But that three-year period resulted the par excellence of fly fishing. Every XO DH Graphene rod is unsanded & unpainted blank for achieving the best possible action. We’ve used AAAA Portuguese cork with rubber cork reinforcements and patented double leg REC nickel titanium alloy snake guides. These rods have new patented REC cerecoil nickel titanium striping and REC snake guides. XO Graphene rods are supplied in a custom aluminum tube with engraved metal end caps together with classy cloth bag.

Time to chase your Silver Dreams. Par Excellence.

ClassLengthRecommended Head WeightWeight (g)ActionPiecesItem #
#711'3"23-30g / Skagit 460gr154Medium Fast4VXOG4117
#712'8" 26-34g / Skagit 520gr194Medium Fast4VXOG4127
#813'6" 30-38g / Skagit 580gr213Medium Fast4VXOG4138
#914'2" 34-42g / Skagit 650gr241Medium Fast4VXOG4149
#1015' 38-46g / Skagit 710gr259Medium Fast4VXOG41510
ClassLengthRecommended Head WeightWeight (g)ActionPiecesItem #

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