Custom DH Double Hand Fly Rod
Custom DH Double Hand Fly Rod
Custom DH Double Hand Fly Rod
Custom DH Double Hand Fly Rod
Custom DH Double Hand Fly Rod
Custom DH Double Hand Fly Rod
Custom DH Double Hand Fly Rod
Custom DH Double Hand Fly Rod

Custom DH Double Hand Fly Rod

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Custom DH series is a double handed concept for wide range of models with specific actions and lengths. We wanted to have a rod design project without restricting ourselves or our thinking by a certain type of action for the whole series. So, when considering the Custom DH rod it is good to understand that the actions vary a lot from model to model and each of them are designed to perform best for the fishing they are most likely going to be used for.

As the Custom DH is really a Custom project without any shared action, we named each rod by its personality. Take a look at the range and you will get an idea what kind of collection Custom DH has under its wings.

Model: 11'3" #4
Medium Fast
Weight (g)
148 g
Recommended Head Weight
14-20g / Skagit 290gr
Double hand
Handle Material
AAAA Portugese Cork
Reel Seat
Double Nut Downlocking
Double Leg Snake
Matte Grey
Tube Length (cm)
97 cm
Item #

Custom DH Double Hand Fly Rod

Custom DH Trout Spey Rods: Small DH rods designed for trout, seatrout, and grilse fishing.

  • 11’3’’ #4 Baby Spey
  • 11’6’’ #5 Streamer Spey

Custom Switch Rod: Medium fast action switch rod.

  • 11’ #7 Switch

Custom DH All-Round Rods: Medium fast action all-round DH rods for salmon, seatrout, and steelhead

  • 13’ #8 Hybrid
  • 14’ #9 General Practitioner
  • 15’ #10 Kojamo*

Custom DH Skagit Rods: Custom DH Skagit rods have a softer action perfectly suited for our Hammer
Skagit heads. Strong medium action ensures these rods can handle anything you
want at the end of your line.

  • 13’3’’ #8 Hammer
  • 13’6’’ #10 Sledgehammer

Custom DH Magnum Rod: Big rods designed for big waters.

  • 16’6’’ #11 Raiwo Spey**

*Kojamo = Male atlantic salmon

**Raiwo (raivo) Spey = Rage Spey

ModelClassLengthRecommended Head WeightWeight (g)ActionPiecesItem #
Baby Spey#411'3"14-20g / Skagit 290gr148Medium Fast4VCU4114
Streamer Spey#511'6" 17-23g / Skagit 350gr149Medium Fast4VCU4115
Switch#711' 23-30g / Skagit 460gr154Medium Fast4VCU4117
Hybrid#813' 30-38g / Skagit 580gr212Medium Fast4VCU4138
General Practitioner#914' 34-42g / Skagit 650gr241Medium Fast4VCU4149
Kojamo#1015' 38-46g / Skagit 710gr273Medium Fast4VCU41510
Hammer#813'3" 30-38g / Skagit 580gr219Medium4VCU41338
Sledgehammer#1013'6" 38-46g / Skagit 710gr239Medium4VCU41310
Raiwo Spey#1116'6" 42-50g / Skagit 770gr304Medium Fast4VCU41611
Six Pack#813' 30-38g / Skagit 580gr229Medium Fast6VCU6138
Six Pack#914' 34-42g / Skagit 650gr260Medium Fast6VCU6149
Six Pack#1015' 38-46g / Skagit 710gr287Medium Fast6VCU61510
ModelClassLengthRecommended Head WeightWeight (g)ActionPiecesItem #

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