Hero Salmon Outfit
Hero Salmon Outfit
Hero Salmon Outfit
Hero Salmon Outfit

Hero Salmon Outfit

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We matched the famous Hero series into a superb Salmon kit. Because everyone needs a Hero.

This true high quality ready-to-go double handset is simply Hero quality. The Hero Salmon rod is a 4-piece medium fast action rod with a non-sanded painted blank. The reel is our modern die cast Hero reel, and the line is our premium Hybrid interchangeable tip fly line with a floating tip and a 15-foot tapered leader. The Hybrid line on the set has been chosen so that it is ridiculously easy to cast. There is 150 meters of 30lb backing on the reel so the set covers most salmon fishing situation and if condition require, you can easily change the tip to a faster sinking one. The set is packed into an easy-to-use protective cordura tube with a reel pouch.

The Hero salmon kit is available in two versions: a true all-rounder 13’7’’ #8 that covers the waters from smaller salmon rivers (or heavier trout rivers) to fairly big rivers. The second option is the 14’7’’ #9 that is perfect choice for anglers who need to cover wide rivers and handle big fish.

13’7’’ #8: Hybrid 31g line with a 12ft floating tip

14’7’’ #9: Hybrid 35g line with a 15ft floating tip

Everything pre-spooled and ready for chasing the silver.

Model: 13'7" #8
Item #
LengthLineReelPiecesTube Length (cm)Item #
13'7"#8 HybridHero4113VHEK4138
14'7"#9 HybridHero4119VHEK4149
LengthLineReelPiecesTube Length (cm)Item #

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It is time to chase your Silver Dreams.