XO 100 Fly Line
XO 100 Fly Line

XO 100 Fly Line

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The most premium fly line from us.

The XO 100 is the most advanced fly lines out there. It has a thin and durable DuraSlim™ coating. DuraSlim™ enables us to manufacture a line with thinner running line than before without sacrificing durability. It also features varying hardness coatings in different parts of the line; the head being softer allowing you to push arrow shaped tight loop and the running line being harder for carrying extra-long overhangs and ultimate shootability. XO 100 has 10m head length making it very versatile fly line for different situations. It is very popular line in dry fly fishing and streamer fishing. The fly line has super small loops on both end and clear markings of the line weight near the tip of the line.

Phthalate free.

XO – Par Excellence.

  • Thin and durable DuraSlim™ coating
  • Varying hardness coating
  • Floating, line weights #3 - #8
  • Small loops on both ends
  • Clear markings of the line weight on the tip loop
Model: WF4 Float
Recommended Head Weight
10g / 154gr
Line Size
Head Length
10m / 32,8ft
Total Length
30m / 98,4ft
Sink Rate
Braided low stretch
White / Yellow
Both ends
Phthalate Free
Item #
Line SizeHead WeightHead LengthTotal LengthDensitySink RateColorItem #
WF38g / 123gr10m / 32,8ft30m / 98,4ftFloatingFloatingWhite / YellowVXOS3F
WF410g / 154gr10m / 32,8ft30m / 98,4ftFloatingFloatingWhite / YellowVXOS4F
WF512g / 185gr10m / 32,8ft30m / 98,4ftFloatingFloatingWhite / YellowVXOS5F
WF615g / 231gr10m / 32,8ft30m / 98,4ftFloatingFloatingWhite / YellowVXOS6F
WF717g / 262gr10m / 32,8ft30m / 98,4ftFloatingFloatingWhite / YellowVXOS7F
WF819g / 293gr10m / 32,8ft30m / 98,4ftFloatingFloatingWhite / YellowVXOS8F
Line SizeHead WeightHead LengthTotal LengthDensitySink RateColorItem #

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