Why Vene kit is so damn good?

Why Vene kit is so damn good?

Vene kit guides you through the Autumn’s cold breezes.

While many normal people are already missing the warm Summer days, for us, the anglers, the approaching Autumn has its magical whispers. The first Autumn storms that moves water making it colder and starting the annual Autumn season is as cool as the first hatches in the warm Summer evening. Both of them are starting points of exciting fishing periods. The Summer season is just way more easier to enjoy when it comes to staying warm and comfortable. But that’s why we designed the ultra comfortable Vene kit.

Vene kit, including Vene jacket and Vene Bib & Braces was designed to meet the needs of fly fisherman in wet, windy & cold conditions. Vene, meaning “boat” in Finnish, is designed especially for boat fishing but it excels very well in other surroundings when there is no wading needed.

The darkest months of the year can be faced in two different ways: laying on the sofa at home or exploring the waters and the world in magical solitude.


Why Vene kit is so damn good?

The cut of Vene kit is fairly roomy as you normally wear multiple layers under it while Vene is the top layer. You will easily fit e.g. Merino layer and warm fleece layer under.

The bib & braces are made high enough to block the rain also when you’re casting flies and the jacket will naturally move in up-down direction. There are neoprene cuffs built under the sleeves that you can tighten and avoid water running inside when casting a long day even in the rainy conditions. Cuffs are inside the sleeves so there would not be any extra elements where fly lines easily gets stuck.

Flyfisherman's sleeve should be as simple as possible. Fly lines are very good at getting stuck on every possible objects...

Pocket construction of Vene includes four + one pockets in the jacket and four pockets in the bib & braces. Jacket has two traditional pockets on the sides and two pockets on chest. Left chest pocket has the integrated Vision microtowel for cleaning sunglasses.

The bib & braces were made especially keeping fly fisherman’s needs in mind. There are two very roomy side pockets for keeping forceps and other needed accessories close. In addition there are two hand warmer pockets with fleece layer on chest area. These pockets are very good e.g. for keeping your subzero gloves dry.

Vene kit is made from very good quality waterproof F4 fabric. The fabric layer is firm and soft. We made the logos of Vision Fly Fishing by using reflectors so in the dark it works as a normal reflector. We’ve received amazing feedback from the community about the quality of Vene kit. It’s practical kit for the anglers, feels nice and most importantly is very water-proof. There have been several full-time guides who use our Vene kit and we guess that spending +200 days on the water gives you realistic understanding what’s working and vice versa.

Explore the waters even in the hardest conditions with Vene.