XLV Fly Reel
XLV Fly Reel
XLV Fly Reel
XLV Fly Reel
XLV Fly Reel
XLV Fly Reel
XLV Fly Reel
XLV Fly Reel
XLV Fly Reel
XLV Fly Reel

XLV Fly Reel

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XLV is the answer when you are looking for a narrow shaped modern fly reel with a proper disc brake package. It is indeed a real large-arbour design with an EVA handle which gives you a solid grip even in wet conditions. XLV reels are tested by countless fishermen in trout, salmon and basically all kinds of freshwater fishing.

One Family, two designs. The XLV family has two designs: all 3-4 and 5-6 reels and the original 7-8 color have a V-shape in the chassis The special color 7-8 in black has the Vision heraldic shape. 

All moving parts are greased with SKF’s water resistant bearing grease. The XLV reels run with built in counter balance. The most popular 5-6 and 7-8 sizes are available in original XLV color and cool looking black color.

Model: #3-4
Weight (g)
110 g
Diameter (mm)
84 mm
Slate Green
67 mL
Line Capacity
WF4 + 60m 20lb backing
Brake system
Rim Type
Item #
ClassWeight (g)Diameter (mm)Volume (cm3)Line CapacityColorItem #
#3-41108467WF4 + 60m 20lb backingSlate GreenVLV34
#5-61209574WF6 + 50m 20lb backingSlate GreenVLV56
#5-61209574WF6 + 50m 20lb backingBlackVLV56B
#7-8135105100WF8 + 130m 20lb backingSlate GreenVLV78
#7-8135105100WF8 + 130m 20lb backingBlackVLV78B
ClassWeight (g)Diameter (mm)Volume (cm3)Line CapacityColorItem #