Scout 2.0 Zip Waders
Scout 2.0 Zip Waders
Scout 2.0 Zip Waders
Scout 2.0 Zip Waders
Scout 2.0 Zip Waders
Scout 2.0 Zip Waders
Scout 2.0 Zip Waders
Scout 2.0 Zip Waders
Scout 2.0 Zip Waders

Scout 2.0 Zip Waders

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The Most Premium Choice – Scout series: World leading breathability, Ultimate comfort & top-quality features.

You’ll feel more comfortable than ever before in waders. Our most premium waders, Scout 2.0, are made from the revolutionary 37.5® Technology fabric, so you know that the breathability is at the world leading level. In short it results as world leading breathability and less sweating feeling. These waders have heavier bottom fabric and lighter upper fabric to increase comfort feeling.

As the name says, this Scout 2.0 ZIP model has the full length TiZip MasterSeal 10 zipper in front. Not only does it make getting in and out easier, it also helps to ventilate the wader during the extreme hikes. And when nature calls, it is a handy feature. The main zipper is positioned at a slight angle to give you more support from the braces for opening and closing. This way we also managed to create more room for the waterproof pocket on the others side.

Scout 2.0 ZIP has fully waterproof chest pockets with a TiZip MasterSeal 6 zipper for keeping your valuable items safe and sound. 

Size: S
Weight (g)
1195 g
F4 + 37.5 technology
Waterproof vertical chest pocket
Fl. Carbon free
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Scout 2.0 Zip Waders

We have adjusted the cut so that these follow the same sizing as other Vision waders making it easier for you to choose the correct size. The good fit is achieved with the curved cut on the legs and the number of the seams are minimized for ultimate wear resistance. Elastic braces and belt allow you to adjust them for your comfort. The neoprene socks are made from High Density neoprene, both for comfort and longevity.

Scout waders are cool looking two-colored waders having slightly darker tone on legs and matching color belt and braces while upper part of waders is little bit lighter colored.


  • Latest fabric featuring 37.5® Technology
  • Fully waterproof chest pocket with TiZip Master Seal 6 zipper
  • Removable multifunctional flip pocket
  • Seam optimization secured with our new E-Tape
  • Heavier bottom fabric, lighter upper fabric
  • Curved NoSeam™ cut for perfect fit
  • Matching colour belt and braces
  • D-rings and drying loops
  • Built-in gravel guards
  • Ultimate comfort
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