Nymphmaniac Two Tone Tippet
Nymphmaniac Two Tone Tippet

Nymphmaniac Two Tone Tippet

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The best and color lasting indicator tippet for euro nymphing.

Two tone indicator tippet for European style nymphing. Bright colors stand out well while fishing. No strike will be left undetected with Nymphmaniac Two Tone tippet. Great knot strength for building sighters for European style nymphing leaders.

Diameter: 0X
Diameter (mm)
0.29 mm
6.9kg / 15.2lb
Spool Size
30 m
Item #
SizeDiameter (mm)Spool SizeStrengthItem #
0X0,2930 m6.9kg / 15.2lbVNY0
1X0,2630 m5.1kg / 11.2lbVNY1
2X0,2330 m4.2kg / 9.2lbVNY2
3X0,230 m3.1kg / 6.8lbVNY3
4X0,1730 m2.5kg / 5.5lbVNY4
5X0,1530 m1.7kg / 3.7lbVNY5
6X0,1330 m1.2kg / 2.6lbVNY6
SizeDiameter (mm)Spool SizeStrengthItem #

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