Hero Nymph Fly Line

Hero Nymph Fly Line

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The World-famous Hero series is expanding into fly line category! Hero quality all-round fly lines for bargain price.

Hero fly lines are our statement and act to offer quality fly line at reasonable price that everyone can afford. Hero fly line family continues the famous saga of Hero rods that have been our one of the best selling rod series in recent years.

Hero Nymph line is designed especially for Polish/Czech/French Nymph techniques. Because of the very thin diameter (only 0.59mm) and a slippery coating the casting is easy. Softness and lack of memory guarantee that you won’t miss even the smoothest bite!

On both ends of the fly line there are small smooth loops for attaching the leader and backing. This light green line meets the European standards of competition (minimum diameter 0.55 mm). The line is 27m long and level, so you can turn it once the other end of the line starts to show signs of wear. This fly line is a must for all nymph fishing lovers!

Model: Nymph
Line Size
Total Length
27m / 88,6ft
Sink Rate
Light green
Both ends
Phthalate Free
Item #
Line SizeTotal LengthDensitySink RateColorItem #
Nymph27m / 88,6ftFloatingFloatingLight greenVHEN
Line SizeTotal LengthDensitySink RateColorItem #

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