Nymphmaniac Fly Rod
Nymphmaniac Fly Rod
Nymphmaniac Fly Rod
Nymphmaniac Fly Rod
Nymphmaniac Fly Rod
Nymphmaniac Fly Rod
Nymphmaniac Fly Rod

Nymphmaniac Fly Rod

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We revolutionized the euronymphing scene with a Nymphmaniac rod series. This rod series was developed, designed and tested worldwide with some of the best competition anglers in the world including names like world champion David Ferreras (SPA), Jarkko Suominen (FIN), Jan Kubala (CZK) and Erlend Vivelid Nilssen (NOR). Nymphmaniac rods are designed especially for modern nymph fishing techniques and these rods meet the requirements of the most demanding anglers in a reasonable price range. Nymphmaniac series is built like all Maniac series; without any compromise and with the intended purpose in mind. The blank dampens immediately after stop when casting which is extremely important to sustain solid contact and a feel for light nymphs. Despite of the very light weight rod these rods have enough power in the tip so hooking a fish is effortless but at the same time blanks bend nicely when a fish is making sudden movements during the fight. Nymphmaniac rods have superb precision and power combined with extremely light blank.

This kingdom of nymphing rods consist all the needed lengths and weights required in different fishing destinations around the world.

Model: 9'6" #3
Medium Fast
Weight (g)
69 g
Half Wells
Handle Material
Reel Seat
Small & Light Single Leg
Unsanded Grey
Tube Length (cm)
84 cm
Item #

Nymphmaniac Fly Rod

The Nymphmaniac team behind this rod range:

Antti Guttorm (product manager), David Garcia Ferreras (world champion, SPA), Jarkko Suominen (FIN), Jan Kubala (CZK), Cato Monsen (NOR), Erlend Vivelid Nilssen (NOR).

This eight model series contains all the necessary lengths and weights for modern nymph techniques. The collection was created and has evolved to meet the varying requirements of serious nymph anglers around the world.

The Nymphmaniac series is designed with the maniac ideology: specific actions with no compromises. The result is extremely light and sensitive rod. The Nymphmaniac range is built with small and light single leg guides with tightened spacing in longer models to get rid of slack on the line. Last guide before the tip is a small snake guide to prevent line tangling around the guide. All models have length measures on the handle and blank from 20cm to 50cm.

ClassLengthWeight (g)ActionHandlePiecesItem #
#39'6"69Medium FastHalf Wells4VNY4963
#310' 71Medium FastHalf Wells4VNY4103
#410' 73Medium FastHalf Wells4VNY4104
#510' 78Medium FastHalf Wells4VNY4105
#310'6"79Medium FastHalf Wells with Fighting Butt4VNY41063
#211' 82Medium FastHalf Wells with Fighting Butt4VNY4112
#311' 83Medium FastHalf Wells with Fighting Butt4VNY4113
#411' 85Medium FastHalf Wells with Fighting Butt5VNY5114
ClassLengthWeight (g)ActionHandlePiecesItem #

Maniac Family

Every brother and sister of the Maniac Family has their own character and speciality. The only promise they make is that there is no room for compromises in Maniac Family.