Stillmaniac Fly Rod
Stillmaniac Fly Rod
Stillmaniac Fly Rod

Stillmaniac Fly Rod

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Stillmaniac rod range was developed for serious stillwater fly fishing with our Stillmaniacs (competition anglers) around the Europe. As a Maniac series it is developed and tested without any compromise and with the intended purpose in mind. It is indeed extremely fast action rod series that was designed to excel with our Stillmaniac fly line range. Orange fighting butt and markings tops this world class Stillwater fishing rod. Each length and weight is well thought to have a complete range of rods for different Stillwater situations.

Model: 9'9" #6
Weight (g)
107 g
Full Wells with Fighting Butt
Handle Material
Reel Seat
Novel Uplocking
Light Single Leg
Slate Blue
Tube Length (cm)
86 cm
Item #

Stillmaniac Fly Rod

Every Stillmaniac rod is a little bit different from each other. Just like Maniac rods tend to be; special ones.

The 9’9’’ #6 is a bit more sensitive than the 10’ #7. It is the smallest Stillmaniac and made especially for fishing closer to the surface with different intermediate lines or even the floater.

The 9’9’’ #7 is a true allrounder of Stillwater fishing. Action wise it is similar to the 9’9’’ #6 which means it bends just to a tad bit lower in the blank compared to the ultra-fast 10’ #7 and 10’ #8.

The 10’ #7 and #8 are the extremely fast and powerful rods. These ten footers are made with long casts and deeper sinking lines in mind.

ClassLengthWeight (g)ActionHandlePiecesItem #
#69'9"107FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VLM4996
#79'9"111FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VLM4997
#710' 114FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VLM4107
#810' 117FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VLM4108
ClassLengthWeight (g)ActionHandlePiecesItem #

Maniac Family

Every brother and sister of the Maniac Family has their own character and speciality. The only promise they make is that there is no room for compromises in Maniac Family.