Scout Merino Set

Scout Merino Set

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Scout Standard: Keeping you warm, light, and comfortable.

Scout set is a technical and warm under layer set made for anglers who want to keep going no matter what the conditions are. It is made from a mixture of merino wool, bamboo, and spandex. Thanks to these materials it is highly sweat absorbent, pulling moisture from your skin evaporating it or moving it to the next layers. This function keeps you dry. The fabric is woven so that it interlocks air and thanks to merino wool’s warm characteristics this is a great layer in cooler conditions. As both bamboo and merino wool fibers are like silk for softness, this shirt feels super soft. Thanks to bamboo’s and merino wool’s antibacterial features it keeps you feeling fresher and odor free for longer.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world making it one of the most sustainable sources for textile fiber.

The merino wool which is used in this garment is mulesing free.

  • Fabric weight 270g/m2
  • 40% merino wool
  • 56,5% bamboo
  • 3,5% spandex
Size: M
Color: Grey
Weight (g)
680 g
Merino wool & bamboo & spandex
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