Prisma Fl. Carbon Tippet

Prisma Fl. Carbon Tippet

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Backbone of fluoro tippets.

Prisma has great knot strength, and it is easy to tie, thanks to a special coating and slightly bigger stretch. It is still a hard material so it gives you great turnover if you are using heavily weighted flies and because of fluorocarbon’s density it sinks, making it ideal for wet fly use. Slightly harder option than Space Fluoro.

Diameter: 0X
Diameter (mm)
0.28 mm
5.9kg / 13lb
Spool Size
50 m
Item #
SizeDiameter (mm)Spool SizeStrengthItem #
0X0,2850 m5.9kg / 13lbVFT0
1X0,2650 m5.0kg / 11lbVFT1
2X0,2350 m4.7kg / 10.3lbVFT2
3X0,2150 m3.4kg / 7.5lbVFT3
4X0,1850 m2.8kg / 6.2lbVFT4
5X0,1650 m2.4kg / 5.3lbVFT5
6X0,1450 m1.9kg / 4.2lbVFT6
7X0,1250 m1.5kg / 3.3lbVFT7
8X0,0850 m0.9kg / 2.0lbVFT8
0.310,3130 m6.8kg / 15lbVFT31
0.330,3330 m7.5kg / 16.5lbVFT33
0.360,3630 m9.4kg / 20.7lbVFT36
0.390,3930 m10.3kg / 22.7lbVFT39
0.440,4230 m11.4kg / 25lbVFT42
0.460,4630 m12.5kg / 27.5lbVFT46
0.490,4920 m14.0kg / 31lbVFT49
SizeDiameter (mm)Spool SizeStrengthItem #

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