Feel 90 Fly Line
Feel 90 Fly Line

Feel 90 Fly Line

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Casting a fly line is many times a question of feeling. And casting a nice line makes you feel good.

FEEL 90 is a newcomer of FEEL family that started in 2022. FEEL 90 a 3-coloured all-round fly line that has a fairly short 9m head which makes casting in tight quarters with roll or spey casts extremely easy. On the other hand, this line works fine with overhead casting as well. It has enough power in the front taper to cast streamers and long leaders for dry fly fishing. The running line is white, and the head is 2-coloured with a brighter yellow main body for good visibility for the angler and a dark olive tip for a stealthy approach on clear waters. The special features of Feel lines are that they lay extremely straight on the surface which ensures great contact and feel for the flies. Feel 90 is lighter in weight compared to Vibe family lines which makes it more delicate line in presentation. Feel lines have nice and soft feeling which gives you a great joy to fish with them. The line has small loops on both ends for attaching backing and leader. The line weight is clearly printed on the front loop.

You must #FeelTheFeel.

Model: WF3 Float
Recommended Head Weight
7g / 110gr
Line Size
Head Length
9m / 29,54ft
Total Length
30m / 98ft
Sink Rate
Olive / Yellow / White
Both ends
Phthalate Free
Item #
Line SizeHead WeightHead LengthTotal LengthDensitySink RateColorItem #
WF37g / 110gr9m / 29,54ft30m / 98ftFloatingFloatingOlive / Yellow / WhiteVFS3F
WF48,5g / 130gr9m / 29,54ft30m / 98ftFloatingFloatingOlive / Yellow / WhiteVFS4F
WF510g / 155gr9m / 29,54ft30m / 98ftFloatingFloatingOlive / Yellow / WhiteVFS5F
WF612g / 185gr9m / 29,54ft30m / 98ftFloatingFloatingOlive / Yellow / WhiteVFS6F
WF714g / 215gr9m / 29,54ft30m / 98ftFloatingFloatingOlive / Yellow / WhiteVFS7F
Line SizeHead WeightHead LengthTotal LengthDensitySink RateColorItem #