Prisma Leader 13'
Prisma Leader 13'
Prisma Leader 13'

Prisma Leader 13'

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Trusted by thousands of anglers worldwide.

High-quality fluorocarbon leader for fishing in ultra-clear, slow-moving waters. Fluorocarbon leaders suits very well in fishing with wet flies. This leader has great knot strength, and it is easy to tie, thanks to a special coating and stretch. It is still hard material, so it gives you great turnover if you are using heavy weighted flies. Longer 13' version.

Diameter: 0X
13´/ 410cm
Tip Diameter (mm)
0.28 mm
Butt Diameter (mm)
0.57 mm
5.6kg / 12.3lb
Item #
SizeTip Diameter (mm)Butt Diameter (mm)LengthStrengthMaterialItem #
0X0,280,5713´/ 410cm5.6kg / 12.3lbFluorocarbonVF0
1X0,260,5713´/ 410cm4.7kg / 10.3lbFluorocarbonVF1
2X0,240,5713´/ 410cm3.8kg / 8.4lbFluorocarbonVF2
3X0,20,5313´/ 410cm3.0kg / 6.6lbFluorocarbonVF3
4X0,180,5313´/ 410cm2.5kg / 5.5lbFluorocarbonVF4
5X0,150,5313´/ 410cm2.0kg / 4.4lbFluorocarbonVF5
0.300,30,5713´/ 410cm6.5kg / 14.3lbFluorocarbonVF30
0.330,330,5713´/ 410cm7.2kg / 15.8lbFluorocarbonVF33
0.360,360,5713´/ 410cm8.4kg / 18.5 bFluorocarbonVF36
0.400,40,5713´/ 410cm9.5kg / 21.0lbFluorocarbonVF40
SizeTip Diameter (mm)Butt Diameter (mm)LengthStrengthMaterialItem #

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