Toka Fly Rod
Toka Fly Rod
Toka Fly Rod
Toka Fly Rod
Toka Fly Rod
Toka Fly Rod
Toka Fly Rod
Toka Fly Rod
Toka Fly Rod
Toka Fly Rod
Toka Fly Rod
Toka Fly Rod
Toka Fly Rod

Toka Fly Rod

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Toka, meaning “second” in Finnish, are incredible rods in their price range. The blanks are made from 24ton low resin graphite with graphite scrim and this together with more aggressive taper gives these rods superb balance, light feel and ultimate casting characteristics. Thanks to their 4- or 5- piece construction and supportive cordura tube these are easy to pack for your travels. The nonsanded graphite colour blank not just look good, but it also is strong and lightweight. Narrow cork handles are sensitive and anodised reelseat hold your reel nice and firm.

Model: 10'6" #3
Medium Fast
Weight (g)
81 g
Half Wells with a mini Fighting butt
Handle Material
Reel Seat
Small & Light Single Leg
Natural carbon
Tube Length (cm)
80 cm
Item #

Toka Fly Rod

Toka rod range includes tools that offer excellent value for money for general river fishing, such as nymph fishing and streamer fishing, as well as specialized rods for nymphing and stillwater techniques.

The 10’6” #3 Nymph rod is a true Nymph rod with specially designed guides and their placing, downlocking reelseat and longer thinly tapered half wells handle. As a bonus this is a 5 - piece rod so it packs into same length rod tube as standard 9 foot rods making it easier to pack for your travels.

Toka Still rods are, like name says, designed for stillwater fishing. They have a powerful, progressive action, ideal for long casts with longer headed flylines. The 9’9” #6 is made especially for fishing closer to the surface with different intermediate lines or even the floater whereas the 9’9” #7 is a true stillwater allrounder.

Wondering which rod to choose from Toka range? In order to help you, we collected a simplified list for you. However, please remember that different rod types can be applied in various fishing styles, so these are just here to get you started!

  • 8' #4 & 9'6'' #3: Dry fly fishing + nymphs
  • 9' #5 & 9' #6: All-rounders for dries, streamers, nymphs
  • 9'3'' #7: Streamer fishing
  • 9'9'' #6 stillwater fishing closer to the surface with intermediate / floating lines
  • 9'9'' #7 Stillwater all-rounder
  • 10'6'' #3: Nymph fishing, french- / euronymphing
ClassLengthWeight (g)ActionHandlePiecesItem #
#39'6"75Medium FastHalf Wells4VTO4963
#310'6"81Medium FastHalf Wells5VTO51063
#48'72Medium FastHalf Wells4VTO4804
#59'77Medium FastHalf Wells4VTO4905
#69'80Medium FastHalf Wells4VTO4906
#69'9"102Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VTO4996
#79'3"100Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VTO4937
#79'9"106Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VTO4997
ClassLengthWeight (g)ActionHandlePiecesItem #

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