Onki Fly Rod
Onki Fly Rod
Onki Fly Rod
Onki Fly Rod
Onki Fly Rod
Onki Fly Rod

Onki Fly Rod

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The evergreen Onki since 2017. Onki rod series is a real classic being one of the models that seem to never get old. Maybe the reason is that Onki has been the favorite of many anglers during the years and rumors have spread. These Korean 40t Korean graphite rods you normally find only in more expensive rods and on top of that the rest of the components are made with great quality. Maybe that’s the real secret sauce why Onki is what it is; light and sensitive.

Model: 7'6" #3
Medium Fast
Weight (g)
66 g
Half Wells
Handle Material
Reel Seat
Single Leg
Green Olive
Tube Length (cm)
68 cm
Item #

Onki Fly Rod

Onki series consists of 13 carefully created medium-fast rod models to cover most situations anglers face when fishing for normal freshwater species on creeks, rivers, and various Stillwater destinations. High-modulus Korean graphite (40tn) blank with great quality components like narrow rubber / cork reinforcements on the handles makes Onki rods evergreen and so popular among thousands of anglers. With Onki rods your money is truly well invested.

ClassLengthWeight (g)ActionHandlePiecesItem #
#37'6"66Medium FastHalf Wells4VON4763
#48'73Medium FastHalf Wells4VON4804
#49'78Medium FastHalf Wells4VON4904
#59'79Medium FastHalf Wells4VON4905
#69'80Medium FastSmall Full Wells4VON4906
#79'106Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VON4907
#69'6"103Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VON4966
#79'6"111Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VON4967
#310' 79Medium FastHalf Wells4VON4103
#410' 83Medium FastHalf Wells4VON4104
#510' 87Medium FastHalf Wells4VON4105
#610' 123Medium FastSmall Full Wells with Fighting Butt4VON4106
#710' 125Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VON4107
ClassLengthWeight (g)ActionHandlePiecesItem #

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