Merisuola Predator Fly Rod
Merisuola Predator Fly Rod
Merisuola Predator Fly Rod
Merisuola Predator Fly Rod
Merisuola Predator Fly Rod
Merisuola Predator Fly Rod
Merisuola Predator Fly Rod

Merisuola Predator Fly Rod

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The Future is Here – Stronger, Lighter, Better. Look no further, the next level of Merisuola Predator fly rods brings stronger and lighter rods for every salty critter out there. Every Merisuola Predator rod is made from graphene – the strongest tested material in the world.

We made Merisuola Predator series a slightly softer to the Merisuola Graphene series. The action is adapted for casting big flies for big predatory fish in fresh-, brackish-, and saltwater. In addition, Merisuola Predator rods are made with EVA handles because of the huge demand from the active fishermen. Merisuola Predator series is designed for hardcore anglers who target for big predators and are casting big flies.

Graphene makes it possible to make stronger rods with less material which results action wise in unbelievable strength with silky smooth action.

These rods incorporate everything we have learned during 25+ years of rod design and manufacturing.

Warning: Once you fish with the Merisuola Predator, you might get seriously hooked.

Model: 9' #6
Medium Fast
Weight (g)
99 g
Full Wells with Fighting Butt
Handle Material
Reel Seat
Double Nut Uplocking
REC Cerecoil Nickel Titanium Stripping and REC Snake
Unsanded Grey
Tube Length (cm)
77 cm
Item #

Merisuola Predator Fly Rod

The story of Merisuola rods started with a desire to create the very high-end rod series with all the best materials available and highest know-how of the industry. Since that Vision has served the customers with the most premium range rods that are nowadays XO Graphene, Merisuola Graphene and Merisuola Predator series.

Graphene enabled us to create next level of Merisuola rods. Every Merisuola Predator rod is unsanded & unpainted blank for achieving the best possible action. We’ve used full wells EVA handles that gives fishermen the best performance. Rods have new patented rececoil nickle titanium stripping and REC snake guides. Supplied in a custom aluminum tube with engraved metal end caps together with a classy cloth bag.

ClassLengthWeight (g)ActionHandlePiecesItem #
#69'99Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VMG4906E
#79'102Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VMG4907E
#89'107Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VMG4908E
#99'112Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VMG4909E
#109'120Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VMG4910E
#129'138Medium FastFull Wells with Fighting Butt4VMG4912E
ClassLengthWeight (g)ActionHandlePiecesItem #

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