XLB’s formidable brake package is well sealed and the heart is a solid carbon, stainless steel and Teflon disc trio. It operates smoothly even on those scary occasions when a fish pulls your rod down to a horizontal level and your backing is leaving at an ever increasing speed towards the horizon and the only thing that you can do is tighten your brake click by click and hope that it will stop before something bad happens. The line capacity of these reels will definitely give you some extra time before that happens. When loaded with our thin diameter Dacspun backing, you have a reel to fight a large Pacific sailfish or a colossal jungle tarpon.
 These reels nicely balance any proper size double hander, but they are just as at home when attached to a ten or twelve+ weight single hand rod needed to fight any saltwater leviathans. Needless to say the capacity should be sufficient for every salmon angler even when using the heaviest Skagit heads available.

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  • Black anodized aluminum
  • Full rim
  • Mid-arbor spool
  • Built in counter balance
  • Unique appearance
Line Diameter Volume Weight Capacity Item #
#9-10 100mm 153cm3 291g WF10 + 200m 36lb Dacspun VLC3
#11+ 118mm 180cm3 358g WF12 + 300m 36lb Dacspun VLC4.5