Kalu reels are real value for money. Their shape is from our famous GT reel, just fattened up. They are machined die-cast reels which have eaten a sealed, smooth, drag system consisting of stainless steel and carbon discs. The one turn drag adjustment knob is fully machined. Kalu reels can take more than enough backing with a suitable fly line. Kalu now has four colours; red, brown, black/green, black/ orange.

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  • Pop out spool release
  • CNC -machined housing and drag adjustment
  • Easy and fast 360 drag adjustment
  • Carbon disc used in the brake package made in USA
  • Japanese made ball bearings
LineDiameterVolumeWeightCapacityColorItem #
#3-475mm58cm3121gWF3 + 50m 12lb BäkkäriBlack/greenVKV34G
#5-685mm78cm3138gWF5 + 90m 20lb BäkkäriBlack/greenVKV56G
#7-895mm107cm3177gWF7 + 150m 20lb BäkkäriBlack/greenVKV78G
#3-475mm58cm3121gWF3 + 50m 12lb BäkkäriBlack/orangeVKV34M
#5-685mm78cm3138gWF5 + 90m 20lb BäkkäriBlack/orangeVKV56M
#7-895mm107cm3177gWF7 + 150m 20lb BäkkäriBlack/orangeVKV78M

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