These reels have a deeper arbour giving you plenty of capacity for your lines. They also have a reliable and smooth disc brake with easy and accurate adjusting. They are strong but still light in weight, thanks to the latest die-cast techniques and materials.

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Line Diameter Volume Weight Color Item #
#5-6 85mm 85cm3 162g Black VD56B
#7-8 93mm 105cm3 178g Black VD78B
#7-8 93mm 105cm3 178g White VD78W
#7-8 93mm 105cm3 178g Yellow VD78Y
#9-10 105mm 175cm3 265g Black VD910B
#11-13 120mm 221cm3 294g Black VD11B
Reel Capacity
#5-6 WF6F + 100m 20lb backing
#7-8 WF8F + 150m 20lb backing
#9-10 Ace shooting head + runningline + 150m 30lb backing
#11 WF12 + 250m 30lb backing / Ace shooting head + running line + 250m 30lb backing